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About me

Janice Isabel Jackson has sung over 240 world premieres and performed contemporary music around the world - Beijing, Paris, Brussels, Hong Kong, Vienna, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Torino, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Berlin, Johannesburg, Cape Town and more.  She has appeared in countless contemporary music festivals including the November Festival (Ghent), Wien Modern (Vienna), Ludwigs Lust (Hamburg), The Proms (Amsterdam), IRCAM (Paris), Big Torino 2000 (Turin), and the Diem Festival of Electro-acoustic music (Denmark).   She is the Artistic Director of Vocalypse Productions, a Halifax based presenter of contemporary voice projects. In 2021 she premiered composer James Rolfe’s O Greenest Branch, for soprano, chorus, congas, and organ and co-directed Saint Hildegard von Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum. In 2022 she premiered the role of Mona Parsons, the only Canadian woman to have been detained in a Nazi POW camp, in the Vocalypse presentation of Escape to Freedom by Halifax composer Sandy Moore.  Jackson has been composing for solo voice for several years.  In 2020 she composed and performed a cycle of 13 solo songs entitled Oh Death based on poetry by visual artist Annie Martin, which she will perform in the Women Composer Festival at Harford (USA) in March 2023.  She recently performed her first mini opera, Penelope: Dreamwalker, in the OPEN Waters Festival in Halifax, NS. Jackson has been honored with the Friends of Canadian Music Award through the CLC and CMC.  She has also received an Established Artist Award from the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council and an award from the Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia for her contribution to Nova Scotian culture.

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