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Voice Rehabilitationon

For the past 10 years I have been rehabilitating voices which either through surgery (cancer or other reasons), injury, unhealthy vocal habits, or acid reflux, need realigning.  Each client is different and needs a specific approach which I am keen to discover as we work together.   My aim is to create a plan which works for your life style through breathing exercises, postural realignment,  and vocal exercises.  I also have a team of specialists which I recommend to assist in returning to vocal health, which includes specialized physio and message therapy as well as speech language pathology. 

"Janice rehabilitated my voice when no one else could. I developed muscle tension dysphonia after a neck injury and was unable to work as a music educator: I could not speak or sing without pain. During my first session with Janice I spoke without pain for the first time since the onset of dysphonia. From there, Janice assembled a multi-disciplinary approach to my rehab, with her work at the core of my recovery. Where speech therapy had failed, Janice’s guidance succeeded. Now, years later, I continue to employ her pedagogy to maintain healthy vocal function. I am forever indebted to Janice for giving me my voice back."   Voice Rehab client


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My Story

I have been singing since the age of 5 and have been singing world wide for the past 35 years.  My own voice journey includes severe acid reflux and a paralyzed vocal fold for one month after surgery.  I have also had severe spinal issues which resulted in my inability to stand upright, walk without pain, and sing easily.  After 3 spinal surgeries and 5 years of rehabilitation, I am walking without pain and my voice is going strong.  I was also able to bring my voice into a state a realignment and health through speech language pathology, vocal coaching and my years of singing training.   At 61 my voice is still going strong as I continue to sing, teach singing and rehabilitate speaking voices.  My moto is "With an open mind, hope, patience, and discipline recovery and vocal health is possible".

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I'm always looking to assist new clients to return to vocal health. Let's connect.

Call or text: 902 429 1899 

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