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My Teaching Philosophy
I have been teaching singing for the past 30+ years and continue to marvel at the priviledge and honor I have to assist singers of all ages and all genres to free their voice and express themselves through their unique souls.  As my wonderful teacher in Amsterdam would say: "Singing is a beautiful mystery".   

My goal in my teaching is to help my pupils align their bodies in such a way that the voice works as nature intends it.  My question is "what needs to be released and what needs to be engaged in order to give the voice what it requires to function freely?"  

I teach singer-song writers, musical theatre enthusiasts, choristers, classical lovers, jazz singers, rock and rollers and any style my students feel compelled to sing.  I am on a quest to assist the student to sing in the most healthy way possible, bringing joy and a sense of accomplishment to their practice, allowing them to sing what gives them the most fulfillment.  Together, we create a plan for their practice which works for their life style and goals.

My singing specialty is contemporary classical music, premiering over 240 works.  I am also an improviser and have an array of extended vocal techniques at my disposal.  I enjoy passing on my knowledge in this realm to any singer interested in pursuing a non-western approach to the voice.

I have also rehabilitated voices which either through injury or unhealthy vocal habits, need realigning.  I have a team of specialists which I also recommend to assist in return to vocal health.

For more information about my singing studio and offerings click on the following link: Halifax Voice Studio 
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